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Saber Summer Spectacular

We are excited to present to you the 2020 SABER SUMMER Spectacular at The New Community School. This program offers both TNCS students and students from other area schools an opportunity to explore, expand, and experience. Students can expand and improve their basic skills. Small class sizes provide direct and individual attention. The atmosphere is comfortable, one where students are involved in interactive, multisensory, structured, yet fun activities.

Middle school courses focus on reading, writing, mathematics, technology, and how-to research. These courses allow the students to expand what they already know while working on areas that need improvement. Students can also explore and experience their areas of interest such as cooking, drama, Tae Kwon Do and music technology. And, if students love the outdoors, fishing, climbing,  and tubing are all available.

We are pleased to present two courses for half-credit this summer for Upper School students: Creative Writing and Advanced PE. This will help students explore other areas during the school year. The Upper School courses will also focus on college preparation and what might be available to them at the university level such as Spanish and psychology. Upper School students can also explore and experience the outdoors through climbing, white water rafting, and tubing.

One-on-one tutoring is also available for Middle and Upper School, post-graduate, and college students.

We hope you will take advantage of what is being offered and enjoy the SABER SUMMER Spectacular!

Saber Summer Spectacular Teaser Video by Chris Nelms, ’21: