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Student Life

If you asked ten TNCS students what they enjoy most about being a Saber, you would hear ten unique answers.

  • One student might declare that she enjoys competing with her teammates on the soccer field.
  • One Saber might express that she adores leading Fashion Club on Fridays.
  • Another student might state that he loves exploring the James River with his science class.
  • Yet another Saber might announce that he appreciates the support he receives from his faculty advisor.

TNCS recognizes that our academic program is only one component of the student experience. We believe that a student’s education should foster opportunities for the whole child to thrive. Our student life programs invite students to discover their individual passions, receive a personalized system of guidance from their advisor, build community, and gain understanding of how to care for the world around them. These programs prepare responsible, self-aware, and engaged global citizens.