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TNCS students understand that school is about much more than their class schedule. Student club time takes place during the school day so that all students can participate, regardless of whether they have a piano lesson, a soccer game, or a dance recital after school. At times, some clubs may use club time to plan for meetings outside of the school day. Clubs change every year based upon the interest of the students and faculty advisors. Our community highly values clubs, for they promote self-discovery and develop leadership skills within our student body. Our student-inspired and student-centered clubs encourage exploration of a personal interest alongside one’s peers.

Middle School clubs are led by faculty advisors with student input.

  • Students who have a competitive edge might choose to participate in Board Games and Chess.
  • Those who enjoy the great outdoors might sign up for Running, Neighborhood Exploration, or Fishing Club.
  • Still others who enjoy the arts might select to be a member of the Poetry, Water-Color Painting, or Music Club.

Upper School clubs are run by student leaders with the support of a faculty advisor. Faculty advisors support our student leaders by regularly providing them with a listening ear and constructive feedback. Every child has the opportunity to step up and lead when ready. Student leaders are responsible for all components of the club including:

  • Promoting it among the student body
  • Planning the agenda
  • Communicating with club members and parents
  • Handling finances