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At The New Community School, technology is a series of carefully selected tools that support the existing objectives of the school’s curriculum. Technology allows teachers to embed the development of creative, collaborative, communicative, and critical thinking skills within the context of the curriculum. Digital citizenship is itself a learning objective reinforced through constant interaction with technology.

Technology is a tool that provides added value to teaching and learning. Technology enriches the materials, methods, and assessments our teachers use to inspire young minds, making learning more interactive and engaging. Technology also allows for a more individualized educational experience for each learner.

Furthermore, The New Community School addresses the specific language-related learning differences of its students by selecting technological tools that help students communicate ideas effectively and access materials and information that would be otherwise inaccessible.

Technology levels the playing field in communication and helps students overcome the barriers they face in learning and content production. The New Community School provides direct instruction in these technologies and encourages students to see technology, including assistive technology, as a lifelong learning and communication tool.

In order to sustain these assistive and instructional technology goals, The New Community School is committed to providing supported, managed hardware and software resources. The School employs sufficient support staff to ensure reliable connectivity and accessibility for students, teachers, and administrative staff, and to provide technology integration support for teachers.

In order to maximize the value technology adds to teaching and learning, professional development at The New Community School promotes and enables successful technology integration. Every teacher is constantly growing in their technological expertise through school-endorsed professional development. Through constant learning and sharing, the faculty at The New Community School is knowledgeable about new technologies, including assistive technology, even as the technology landscape constantly changes.

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For questions about the New Community School technology policy, please contact Greg Melton at 804.266.2494 or