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Keystone Course

This 20-hour, 5-day course is an introductory survey course of The New Community School’s structured literacy program, Keystone. It begins with an introduction to dyslexia and characteristics of dyslexia and is followed by an overview of The New Community School’s structured literacy approach. Students with dyslexia and language-related difficulties require this approach to close the gap between their intellectual potential and reading and spelling achievement.


  • create a student notebook as they learn to teach reading through a diagnostic and prescriptive instructional approach,
  • learn multi-sensory techniques to improve reading and spelling accuracy,
  • learn to develop materials that provide flexibility for individualizing instruction and for reference and review, and
  • receive guidance for teaching individual students as well as small group instruction.




Contact Beth Petzer, TNCS Learning Specialist
804.266.2494 x2232,