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We believe high school internships provide students with an invaluable opportunity to “try on” careers in a low-risk, high-reward setting. The main goal of our internship program is to expose our 11th and 12th grade students to potential careers. We hope that this early professional exposure will help our students choose a major and possibly inspire a career choice. We also believe this program teaches our students important life skills including job search strategies, networking, time management, and professional writing. 

For one week, students are immersed in the professional realm. Their internship hosts become their teachers and their assigned projects become their classwork. The hospitals, restaurants, offices, construction sites, veterinary clinics, and museums become our classrooms. Students are encouraged to find an internship in a career they hope to pursue after TNCS in order to gain experience and develop a well-rounded understanding of the daily life of a professional in that field.  

Students may pursue internships in a wide variety of areas including: animal services, arts and design, business, community and social services, education, health care, law and politics, communication, parks and recreation, engineering and technology, and trade.