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Portrait of a TNCS Graduate

As The New Community School looks toward our 50th anniversary in 2024, we have been developing a “portrait” that encapsulates the values, attributes, and characteristics we believe will best position a TNCS graduate for success.

This portrait was born out of an essential question of our strategic plan: “How does TNCS design an enhanced, comprehensive experience that prepares students for their future?” We are looking at the best ways to build a program that meets our students’ needs academically and personally, and builds a supportive, cohesive school culture.

Meant as a guide for both students and teachers to develop the skills necessary for success in a rapidly changing, increasingly interconnected world, The Portrait of a TNCS Graduate has six main “attributes” we believe will position a successful TNCS graduate for success. Click on any attributes below to learn more, including an “I” statement, list of characteristics, and a list of resources for further education.

We welcome your feedback as this Portrait grows. Please contact Dr. Scott Bray, Director of Teaching, Learning, and Research with any questions or feedback:, 804.266.2494 x2263.

Click here to view an article about the creation of the Portrait from our Reflections newsletter.

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