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Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

The credits required for an academic diploma at The New Community School are as follows:

English: 4 credits
Mathematics: 3 credits (to include Algebra I and Geometry)
History & Social Studies: 3 credits (to include World History, American History 1, and Government)
Science: 3 credits (to include 2 lab sciences)
Health and Wellness*: 1.5 credits (to include 1 semester of Health and US Physical Education)
Fine and Performing Arts: 1 credit
Career and Technology Exploration: 1 credit (to include Personal Finance)
Total Needed for Graduation: 24 credits

*Students in the Class of 2021 – 2023 are required to have 1.75 credits of Health and Wellness. The Class of 2024 and beyond are required to have 1.5 credits for graduation.

**All courses taken above the Program Requirements are considered Electives.


  • Students shall successfully complete at least one online course experience.
  • Students shall successfully complete 10 hours of community service each year.
  • Seniors are required to successfully complete a senior speech.

Modifications of these specific course requirements may be made by the Head of the School. These modifications may impact a student’s college options.

Diplomas are awarded once each year in June. Seniors who fail to meet diploma requirements by graduation day may, at the discretion of the Head of School, participate in the graduation ceremony. Typically, should the student complete their required work by July 1, they will receive their diploma at that time. A student who completes diploma requirements after July 1 would receive a diploma the following June and would be included on the roll of alumni as a member of the class for the year in which the diploma was awarded. Once a student has completed diploma requirements the school will confirm that fact in writing for colleges or employers. Only seniors who are enrolled at the school for the entire senior year may participate in the graduation ceremony. Students must take part in the June Commencement ceremony in order to be awarded a diploma, unless permission is given by the Head of School.

Upper school students typically carry a course load of 6 to 7 credits per year.

Students are classified according to the following standard:

  • In order to be classified as a sophomore, a student must have at least 5 credits.
  • In order to be classified as a junior, a student must have at least 10.5 credits.
  • In order to be classified as a senior, a student must have at least 17.5 credits.

Credits earned at The New Community School are accepted for transfer by both public and independent schools.