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Portrait of a TNCS Teacher: Pillar 5

Teachers collaborate with other professionals to improve the effectiveness of their learning community. 

  • Collectively plan instructional programs that promote continuity within the curriculum and support equitable learning experiences for all students
  • Observe colleagues in the classroom and engage in pedagogical discussions
  • Help colleagues identify and solve problems
  • Think strategically across grade levels 
  • Work as members of a team(s) sharing knowledge, skills, and contributing to the development of the school. 

Teachers work collaboratively with families. 

  • Communicate regularly with students, parents, and guardians
  • Encourage families to be active participants in their child’s education
  • Advocate for and address student needs

Teachers work collaboratively with the community. 

  • Cultivate their students knowledge of their school and local community
  • Engage various community stakeholders as instructional partners
  • Promote and acknowledge diversity within their community

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Teachers know the subjects they teach and how to teach those subjects to students > 

Teachers are responsible for supporting student learning >  

Teachers think systematically and intentionally about their instructional practices and learn from their experiences > 

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