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2nd Annual Battle of the Books

Congratulations to all our students who read books and competed in the school-wide 2nd Annual Battle of the Books. Special recognition goes out to the following students who excelled in their knowledge of the books they read during the March 29 competition. 

1st Place: Team #2, The Fighting Mongoose, led by Katherine Waring and including Anne Whitehead, Abigail Draper, Chris Houck, Mackenzie Wunderlich, Megan Bolin, Oakleigh Jones, Anna Corcoran, Kendall Nerenberg, Maggie Davis, Chloe Meyers, Theo Frankel  

2nd Place: Team #10, Page Burners: The Sequel, led by Jacob Hanes and including Andrew Marshall, Charlie Cuttino, Tyler Dossat, Matthew Centofanti, Mitch Ault, Kirby Ames, Kara Lodato, Oakley Massey, Elizabeth White  

3rd Place: Team #14, Poole Party, led by Michael Poole and including Joe Seckora, Thomas Boland, Joe Deshazo, Peter Whelan, Matt Krug, Adam Edward Basseches-Holm, Andrew Greene, Matthew Trexler, Jackson Vines, Kai Maquivar  

Special recognition for tying in the award for Best Sportsmanship goes to: 

Sportsmanship Award: Team #3, The Bobcats, led by Signe Johnsrud and including Kaitlyn Winder, Joni Hopkins, Wes Dishner, Kate Dunlap, Anna Telfian, Lela Ritchie, Izzy Puccinelli, Ella Riley, Kate Stocks, and Jeff Hudson.  

Sportsmanship Award: Team #6, Oozma Kappa, led by Paul Crosby and Abby Hall and including Wilson McDowell, Emma Bolstad, Ben Northen, Ben Marcia, Rachel Garrett, Alex Phillips, Ellie Burke, Ann Marin Crawford, Vee Finnegan, Emerson Wood  

These teams will receive a variety of prizes for their efforts.