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Tutoring provides the opportunity for students to improve and strengthen their skills in a variety of areas.

Language Fundamentals 
Structured, systematic, multi-sensory language instruction develops skill in decoding, spelling, handwriting, and reading fluency. 

Reading Comprehension 
Using research-based instruction, master strategies to use before, during, and after reading that result in improved comprehension, independence, and confidence. 

Writing Skills 
While learning the complex process of writing, from idea to sentence, paragraph, and essay, students are challenged to think critically and express themselves with a clear sense of purpose and audience. 

Executive Function & Study Skills
Learning how to learn, problem solve, set goals, manage time, and study. Students acquire a personal toolbox of strategies, address a variety of academic and personal challenges, and become effective self- advocates. 

Math Skills
Tutoring in basic math, Algebra Readiness, Algebra I and II, Geometry, or advanced math classes helps students develop skills, provides support for a current class, or a preview for course work to come. 

Test Preparation
Math or language specialists help students develop personalized strategies to improve scores on high school assessments and college entrance exams including the SSAT, PSAT, SAT, and ACT, allowing them to go into tests knowing what to expect and prepared with a plan. 

College Counseling
Experienced college counselors provide personalized coaching, support, and monitoring throughout the college process, finding colleges that align with your learning profile, interests, and goals to understanding each step of the application process.

Writing the College Essay
From brainstorming essay topics to editing the final draft, learn to craft a strong college essay that communicates who you are to the admission counselors.

Customized Learning 
Let us know how we can enrich your academic day, or what you would like to study, learn or achieve. With you, we will create a program to target your objectives and guide, mentor, and support you in accomplishing your chosen or assigned goals. 

Tutoring is available for $65 per hour. To make arrangements or for more information about how online tutoring can meet your needs, please contact Robin Forsyth, Tutoring Coordinator, at 804.266.2494 x2225 or