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Tips for Cleaning Digital Tools

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!! During this extended winter break think of cleaning up your digital tools. Below are just a few suggestions to improve your device’s performance:

  • Back-up 1st semester documents to the OneDrive cloud, 
  • Go through your photos and videos and delete anything you no longer need, 
  • Go through your documents and delete anything you no longer need, 
  • Clean out your email (inbox, sent, trash(,
  • Update your Microsoft applications (under the Help dropdown menu for any Office product), 
  • Update your Mac applications (in your App Store – if you’d like to try Mojave please feel free to update your OSX too), 
  • Clear items from your desktop, create folders if necessary, 
  • Use built in tools to Optimize performance ( About This Mac > Storage tab, see picture below for location information), 
  • Make sure you empty your trash.