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Academic Coaching

The New Community School’s Academic Coaching Program is designed to support our graduates as they make the transition to college. In addition to the excitement of being there, the first semester is likely to be full of concerns inherent to adjusting to new expectations in a new environment. While all first-year college students face challenges and obstacles for which they cannot be fully prepared, our alumni may experience additional stress due to their learning differences as they bridge the gap from the embedded structure and supports in our program to college expectations for independence and self-management. The increased work load and faster pace of college academics requires them to employ effective learning strategies and apply efficient reading, writing, and executive functioning skills.

Because we have a unique perspective on and understanding of their learning strengths and weaknesses, TNCS teachers can help students navigate the challenges they encounter. A coaching relationship with a selected teacher provides familiar support and trusted guidance as graduates transition to college and chart their course forward, empowered with advanced skills and new strategies for academic success.

Teachers provide coaching and feedback in the areas of

  • prioritizing coursework and planning for success;
  • managing time and implementing study schedules;
  • setting goals, getting started, and staying organized;
  • sustaining motivation and following through on action plans;
  • identifying and overcoming obstacles;
  • using college resources and being an effective self-advocate.

Parents purchase a package of 15 coaching sessions for $1,200, which covers the cost of one hour of coaching a week for the approximate length of a semester.  The hour can be used in increments determined by the student and the coach (e.g. three 20 minute conferences). Coaching is conducted by phone, Facetime, or Skype and arranged initially through TNCS.

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