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Q&A with READ Artist and TNCS Parent Laura Loe

Posted by TNCS on Apr 8, 2016


Laura Loe, professional oil painter, has been a longtime contributing artist to the READ Art Show and Sale, and is the mother of Middle Schooler Charlie.  Laura graciously answered a few questions about her art and her TNCS experience:

How long have you been painting/drawing/etc? 

All my life but professionally since 1996. In other words, it has been my primary source of income since then without having at least one extra job (usually 2 through my 20’s).

Why did you choose to get involved with READ?

My friend, Susan Dull, started the event way back and she goes to Nimrod Hall, the artist colony I used to run and now own and run. Then it was because it was a chance to make money with the proceeds. They used to take 30% and give 70% and that was a huge incentive for artists to get involved. Most every other fundraiser asks for a straight up painting donation and it costs money to make art and most artists are not loaded, so the money back was key. I stay involved because my child, Charlie, is dyslexic and goes to TNCS.

Laura Loe painting 1

What inspires your works? Is there a type of work do you most enjoying doing?

I have had many inspirations over the years but the main thing that inspires me is just the paint itself. I love it. I am less interested in what I am painting than just the awe of being in the studio with my favorite smells and music and being able to just be in the moment and work. I don’t have a favorite. If I paint it then I wanted to paint it. It is such a gift to have that freedom.

Many people with dyslexia and related learning differences have artistic abilities “hard wired” into their brains. Do you see any of your gifts for art in your son Charlie?

I see a very creative person but not one that is strictly drawn to straight painting. I am excited to see what he does.

How would you describe your experience as a TNCS parent?

It has been great. One thing Artists tend to do is still be in their own world a lot. Nature of the profession. I think people underestimate the hours it takes to be a painter and lots of people don’t even think I work at all since I have a non traditional job, TNCS is so all encompassing to their students that I do not have to sweat the details because they are on top of that for me. It helps me be able to have my career and still feel like a good mom!

What advice do you have for aspiring artists?

Expect to work hard at jobs you think are beneath you or that you will do just to pay the rent because learning to paint or do any art, is a decade of working on it. See Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hour theory. I think it is right on. That dead end job in your 20’s has you working with lots of people who will buy your art when you are all in your 40’s!



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