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New Faculty Spotlight: Henry Schofield

Posted by TNCS on Jul 6, 2018

Many of you already know Henry Schofield – he has been a part of the Saber family for 13 years! Henry attended TNCS for seven years, graduating in 2012. He returned to TNCS two years ago as a substitute teacher, and then a part-time teacher last year. We are excited to officially welcome Henry as a full-time teacher in the 2018-19 school year!

A few words from Mr. Schofield:

I am very excited to start my first year as the 7th grade World History teacher at TNCS. I am a TNCS alumnus who attended from 6th grade through 12th. I then went on to study history at Christopher Newport University. I spent my days doing internships with archaeologists and at museums, and worked at a production theater, meeting a lot of actors and musicians. I became a teacher after taking classes at the University of Richmond (Go Spiders!). I enjoy listening and talking about music, hiking, and spending time reading. I can’t wait to start my first year teaching as a Saber!