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A Return to Saber Sports

Posted by TNCS on Nov 4, 2020

Our students have worked so hard to keep up with their classes and follow the school’s strict mitigation protocols. We believe it’s important to give them a chance to run and play on campus – to blow off steam, push themselves physically, and compete. Our Saber Sports program ran intramural cross country and soccer programs throughout October and November. After school, about 75 Sabers participated in either a cross country program led by new teachers Levi Owens and Ben Walters, or played soccer with Saber Sports coaching stalwarts Kyle Foulger, Danny Wise, Carolyn Latta, and Garrett Reese. “It’s the best part of the school year so far,” said Sloan Wood, ’21. The runners did their workouts on the campus green, through the Bellevue neighborhood, and in Bryan Park. The soccer players played on the school’s field, which was divided into 3 smaller fields for the 5-on-5 intramural matches. With the intramural season running almost a month longer than a typical fall season, the school planted a crop of cool weather rye grass over the warm weather Bermuda grass on the soccer field. This new grass gave our athletes a good playing surface all the way to November 20. With the success of the fall intramural program, we are looking into the potential for indoor intramurals after our scheduled return to campus in January.