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Internship Program Launched

Posted by TNCS on Apr 23, 2019

by Rachel Beene
Dean of Student Life and Personal Growth

TNCS successfully launched our internship program this year! Expanding from a 3-day program for just our seniors, this year all thirty-seven members of our junior and senior classes spent Innovation Week with a professional in a career they may be interested in pursuing after TNCS.  

As our college and career counseling program continues to grow, internships like these provide our students with an invaluable opportunity to “try on” careers in a low-risk, high-reward setting. The main goal of our internship program is to expose our 11th and 12th grade students to potential careers. We also believe this program teaches our students important life skills including job-search strategies, networking, time management, and professional writing.  

Our 11th and 12th grade students began their internship search in earnest in October. Advisors guided them through our multi-step internship process two to three times a week during Advisory time to brainstorm, locate, and secure their internships.  

This year, Sabers pursued internships in a wide variety of disciplines ranging from animal services to health care, from politics to engineering. They worked beside firefighters, lobbyists, sports broadcasters, educators, entrepreneurs, golf professionals, and investment bankers, just to name a few. These local professionals provided our students with a well-rounded understanding of the daily life of a professional in that field. 

Here’s what our Sabers said about their internship experience:

Our internship hosts had high praise for our students:

We are so thankful to our internship hosts for providing our students with this invaluable opportunity to explore different professional pathways. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a TNCS internship host, please fill out this survey.