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The TNCS College & Career Program

Posted by TNCS on Jan 9, 2019

The mission of The New Community School’s College & Career Program is to work in partnership with family, faculty/staff, and community members to provide a comprehensive and developmentally appropriate college and career counseling program that will address each student’s individual academic and career goals while supporting their personal and social well-being. Students are intentionally guided to create their own customized pathways to be college and and/or career ready. We recognize that the right fit is essential in choosing a college or a profession. The program aims to provide college and career counseling designed to empower all students to maximize their potential and successfully transition to thrive in life after TNCS.

The College & Career Program is grounded in the belief that fostering a positive self-image is vital and requires a collaborative effort. Frequent communication and one-on-one meetings with students and parents ensure that students are supported academically and personally. Our academic and advisory programs promote personal inquiry which prompts our students to identify their own unique strengths and talents. Students are encouraged to discover their passions by taking elective courses, participating in clubs, and serving in our required internship program which exposes them to potential majors and/or careers. Teaching our students how to learn from failures and practice self-reflection helps our students develop a growth mindset which is essential in learning how to navigate one’s path for the future. Trusting relationships serve as the foundation of the College & Career counseling program.

TNCS is a college preparatory school, so each student’s schedule is carefully developed to make college attendance a viable option. Foreign language is not part of the regular curriculum and most colleges are willing to waive published foreign language admissions requirements for students with documented learning differences who come from a school that does not offer foreign language. The College & Career counseling office works with students to select appropriate colleges and navigate the specific admission requirements. Math can be another significant obstacle to college admissions, but an important part of college preparation takes place in the required elective during the junior year. In Junior Seminar, students are guided through SAT test preparation, the college search and application process, crafting a college essay, career exploration, and interactive interview practice.

The College & Career Counselor cultivates confidence in our students by helping them become more independent and develop strong self-advocacy skills. Students are guided in how to seek the appropriate level of accommodations in college and/or the workforce. TNCS graduates are taught to be resilient and have grit. They learn how to use the appropriate tools to acquire knowledge and develop their individual skills and abilities. A sense of curiosity is fostered in our students and they are encouraged to investigate a variety of options for the future. TNCS students are inspired to be lifelong learners whether it be in an academic, professional, or personal setting. Most importantly, they are encouraged to remain a vital interactive member of the TNCS community.


Kim Harley
TNCS College & Career Counselor