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Art: An Embodiment of The TNCS Vision

Posted by TNCS on Apr 25, 2017

The vision of The New Community School is to transform lives by creating an educational environment that celebrates the strengths of dyslexia and related learning differences. The School empowers minds that think differently and inspires tomorrow’s leaders and innovators.

Watching the construction of the new building outside my current art room makes our vision statement even more powerful to me. It is evident that fostering creativity leads to innovation. The construction of a new hub for learning and creativity shows the embodiment of our vision. This new building will not just hold studio classrooms that are intentionally designed and equipped for art making. It will become something so much greater. When our students fill these classrooms and art studios we will have created a new home base for our ever-growing creative TNCS culture.

I remember an inspiring conversation I had with a TNCS student artist years ago. She described to me the feeling that filled her when she crossed the threshold into our art room. She talked of how the stress of her day fell away. She described how she felt excited and empowered to explore and create. I feel confident that she’s not alone in this feeling.

I’m grateful to teach a subject that naturally uplifts the human spirit. As an art educator, I feel a responsibly to nurture and uphold a creative learning community that supports and cares for one another. I strive to foster an art room environment where students are pushed to take creative risks in trying something that they initially believe they are incapable of achieving. The amount of pride I express to our students is nothing compared to the empowering sense of accomplishment they award to themselves after creating an artwork at a level they didn’t think they were capable of. A love for art that is nurtured and grown in our TNCS art room can later flourish into an area of collegiate study for our students. An artistic experience at TNCS can also translate into deeper friendships, a stronger sense of self, and a higher level of confidence.

The residual effects of a strong art education paired with an intentionally cultivated creative community aids in growing the skills that have been identified as essential for our 21st century citizens.

This new building is a beautiful step in the embodiment of our vision. I feel confident in speaking not only for myself but for our creative TNCS students when I say, we cannot wait to move in!

Aaron Webb