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Arts & Electives

The New Community School believes in educating the whole student in areas that include personal talents and interests. By offering a wide variety of visual and performing arts courses, we hope to offer students opportunities to explore and develop their strengths and abilities. Because so many of our students have exhibited impressive practical and artistic talent over the years, we believe that a strong foundation in the arts is crucial to the nurturing of these talents.

Additionally, a strong commitment to engaging electives courses help our students uncover their own interests. From woodworking to robotics, drama to sewing, these courses are designed to inspire our students and ignite the passions and gifts of unique minds.

Many of our students have strengths in areas of intellect that are not fully developed in academic classrooms and that an enriched curriculum should address these varying strengths. Students benefit in many ways when they are given opportunities to demonstrate their talents. Not only can they participate in school-wide presentations such as art and photography exhibits or drama productions, but they are also able to develop their leadership skills. The accolades they receive can significantly improve their self-esteem.