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Faculty Blog

EPIC Brings Engineering Into the Classroom

Posted by TNCS on October 2, 2019

Research has shown that for many dyslexic people, an inherent advantage of their mind is a talent for engineering. Brooke Danielsson was a graduate student when she began to notice a lack…

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Internship Program Launched

Posted by TNCS on April 23, 2019

by Rachel Beene Dean of Student Life and Personal Growth TNCS successfully launched our internship program this year! Expanding from a 3-day program for just our seniors, this year all thirty-seven members…

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Health and Wellness Defined

Posted by TNCS on February 20, 2019

Let’s start with an activity. Open a new tab on your web browser. Type “define health.” Go ahead, I’ll wait (using the time to take a few mindful breaths.) Most…

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The TNCS College & Career Program

Posted by TNCS on January 9, 2019

The mission of The New Community School’s College & Career Program is to work in partnership with family, faculty/staff, and community members to provide a comprehensive and developmentally appropriate college…

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