TNCS will open at 10am on Thursday, December 13. See Campus News for details.

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December 13-18 /

Our exam period runs from Thursday, December 13 – Tuesday, December 18. 

5th – 7th grade students will not have exams and will have a normal schedule these days.  

  • Exception: 6th and 7th grade students in Pre-Algebra or above will have an exam the morning of Thursday, December 13. Afterwards, they will continue with a normal school day. 
  • The following lunch options will be available to our 5th – 7th grade students: 
    • Thursday, December 13: Jason’s Deli (pre-order online by noon on Wednesday, December 12) 
    • Friday, December 14: Jason’s Deli (pre-order online by noon on Thursday, December 13) *Please note there will be no Food Truck on campus  
    • Monday, December 17: Pizza Lunch (ordering through campus sign-up sheets) 
    • Tuesday, December 18: Jason’s Deli (pre-order online by noon on Monday, December 17) 

8th – 12th grade students will have exams/projects.

  • Students are only expected to be at school while they are taking exams or participating in their projects. They are not expected to be at school once their academic obligations are over for the day. 
  • Please watch your email this week for your child’s individual exam schedule. They will be sent to students and parents via email. Students will also receive a paper copy. 

tech tips for students during exams

Exam time is fast approaching. Now is the time to for students to keep their laptop performing optimally.

  • Quit all programs that aren’t being used, remember to look for the dot under the program icon.
  • Empty your trash, this can free up valuable space.
  • Your laptop will be in Test Mode – remember to log out of test mode before you leave your exam.
    • click on the black apple  in the upper left corner,
    • scroll to Log Out Test Mode,
    • click the blue Log Out button from the dialog box that pops open.
    • When you look at the login options, the Test Mode profile should not have an orange check mark beside it.
  • Charge your laptop every evening during exam week.
  • Finally, bring your charger with you each day especially if your laptop battery doesn’t last very long. We have a few loaner chargers on campus but better to bring your charger and be sure.